Monday, March 3, 2014

Yale Tournament - March 3, 2014 

We had a great first tournament to start off the season.  We won our first game against Bowdoin College, followed by two more well played games on Saturday.  We finished Saturday winning the first quarter against Yale (4-3) with a final score of 11-14, losing by only three points to the top team in the league.  We went back to the Geissinger household following our three games for some Italian food and team bonding.  Bates Water Polo finished off the weekend well in our final game against Wellesley College.  Bobcats held the Wellesley girls to a tie until half, where Wellesley developed a smart strategy, shutting down some of our offense.  We kept strong defense, however, and played a smart game.

We are looking forward to our next five weeks of training in preparation for our second tournament at Bowdoin on April 5-6.  The team looks strong, and we are having fun playing a sport we all love.  Thank you for your support and photographs from this past weekend will be posted soon.